[Lesson 6]Network Vulnerability and Scanning: UDP Scan in Nmap

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In this lesson, we are going to talk about the UDP Scan in Nmap👌

What is UDP Scan?

How Nmap interprets responses to a UDP probe

Hands on Practice ✋ Let’s perform an Nmap UDP scan on the metasploitable system in our virtual network:

UDP Scan command:

Note 😤: the UDP is much slower than SYN Scan or TCP Scan as the destination system doesn’t respond in most of the time. Nmap has to wait longer to decide the states. Moreover, we use the version detection which sends more packets to understand the service and the version. Therefore,this scan takes much more longer than the SYN Scan or Tcp Scan.


UDP Scan Results:

UDP Scan results can be interpreted depend on different responses which is shown in the table and figure above 😄

More information about UDP Scan: https://nmap.org/book/scan-methods-udp-scan.html

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