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  • This means that Burp sits between the user’s web browser and application’s web server.
  • It intercepts or captures all the traffic flowing between them → This type of behavior is commonly referred to as a Proxy Service.
  • Penetration testers use intercepting proxies…
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Setting up a web app penetration testing lab:

  • The Broken Web Application (BWA) is an OWASP project that provides a self-contained VM complete with variety of applications with different kinds of known vulnerabilities.
  • The applications in this VM will provide students or learners a good medium to learn about the web application security, practice their skills, observe the…
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Before looking into short circuiting, lets see few coding first:

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Dictionary Keys:

Koay Yong Cett

A Bachelor CS student with major in Network Security (UniSZa). Every stories I shared is based on my personal opinion. Thanks you. Having my Internship now.

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